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The 27 Acre Garage
The 27 Acre Garage
This one-hour special features all of the highlights and new cars from the largest car show in North America. Host Malou Nubla takes the viewer through the 2006 Chicago Auto Show. From hip rides to SUV’s to dream cars, Malou’s race around the showroom floor covers nearly every type of car. Her exploration of “The 27 Acre Garage” also covers concept cars like the Chrysler Imperial, the Chevy Camaro, the Nisson Urge and the Dodge Challenger.
Dodge Challenger
Malou Nubla
Malou compares the Aston Martin Vantage with the Porsche Cayman S, and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren with the Ford GT. She also spends time with industry experts and designers, like the man behind the Ford Mustang and Jeep’s head test driver. But, the fun doesn’t stop there! With so many new gadgets and options for your car, Malou’s segment called “Fully Loaded” gives an overview of new features like GPS, killer sound systems and even a built-in video game console. Price guides, vehicle fact lists and car tips are also presented for every car. So no matter whether you’re deciding which SUV to buy, what muscle car has the most horse power, which car gets the best gas mileage or you just want to see the world’s largest pickup truck, you’ll find it all under one roof: The 27 Acre Garage.
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Host Malou Nubla