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Incredible Basements
Incredible Basements

This lively one-hour HGTV special, hosted by Mike Rowe, is a fanciful tour of the amazing worlds people have created in their basements. For these people, the space underneath their home has become an extension of their life and their fantasies. And it is their personal passions, the stories behind their creations that make the viewers' descent into their basements fascinating, amusing, exciting and even compelling.

Mike Rowe

Featured basements include:

a 3,500 sq. foot state-of-the-art movie theatre that harks back to the romantic days of red plush seats, velvet movie curtains and the charm of the neighborhood movie palace.

an elaborate multi-level train layout that is a highly detailed miniature transportation system. On weekends, teams of grown-ups "play trains" and create a kind of living theater.

A life-size turn-of-the-century Main Street U.S.A. It has a post office, a general store and barbershop. The street is paved with cobblestones, the streetlights actually work, and you can still turn the hand crank on the telephone. Everything is authentic, down to the last detail.
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Movie Theatre Basement
Main Street Basement
Host Mike Rowe