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FLN Smart Tips
FLN Smart Tips
Always worried about how to plan your next trip? Join host Kendra Thornton as she navigates you through the sometimes tricky world of travel. Whether you're cruising alone or globe-trotting with the kids and pets, these one-minute FLN Smart Tips cover all you need to know before and during your journey.
Host Michael Lotesto
Host Kendra Thornton
Are you a seasoned traveler or merely a wet-behind-the-ears adventurer? Doesn't matter - there's something for everyone! Thornton fills you in on everything from how to pack your luggage nice and tight to avoid airline baggage fees - to how to save money while visiting destination hotspots like Paris or Rome. FLN Smart Tips gives you important and helpful info so you'll have peace of mind the next time you hit the road by plane, train or automobile.
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Travel Expert Kendra Thornton
Energy Efficiency
If you're wondering how to lower your monthly bills and make your home more comfortable year-round, host Michael Lotesto is here to give you some tips on how to whip your home into a shining model of energy efficiency. These one-minute FLN Smart Tips segments clue you in as to how much you'll save with some inexpensive and practical solutions.
Energy Efficiency Expert Michael Lotesto
Want to get rid of drafts around doors, windows and other openings? Wondering why a room feels like the inside of an oven even though the thermostat is turned down? Lotesto gives you the lowdown on where energy is seeping out of your home and how to stop it dead in its tracks. With easy to follow footage and Lotesto's clear advice, FLN Smart Tips empowers homeowners to take charge and create a house they can enjoy for all seasons.