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From Junky to Funky Finds a Gem in Total Avid Workflow

Grand and Noble Productions of Chicago puts together a number of programs for Do-It-Yourself (DIY), the Scripps Network channel that focuses on helping viewers become more handy around the house. From Junky to Funky is one of DIY’s newest offerings. The half-hour show follows the program’s hosts as they head out to flea markets and garage sales searching for “junk” that, with a little time and attention, can be given some “funk” and become a treasure.

Behind the scenes a similar transformation takes place. Three digital post-production systems - a Media Composer Adrenaline system, an Avid Xpress Pro system with Avid Mojo hardware, and a Digidesign Pro Tools|HD digital audio workstation - are used to take the raw video and audio for the show and turn it into compelling programming. This Avid end-to-end workflow helps accelerate the entire post process, while specific feature sets help create a professional-quality show under tight deadline pressure.

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